Why is there no free sales tax exemption in North Dakota


BISMARCK, ND (KXNET) — Back to school can be an expensive time for parents who need to stock up on school supplies.

To ease the burden, many states are waiving their sales tax on certain school-related items for a period of time.

However, this is not the case for North Dakota.

It’s August, which means the school year is about to begin. It also means that parents will be rushing to provide their children with everything they need to succeed in the school year. And despite inflation, stores are still seeing an increase in traffic.

“Across our portfolio and in Kirkwood, we have certainly seen an increase in traffic which we hope will translate into increased sales,” said Stacey Keating, spokeswoman for CBL Properties.

To promote sales traffic, many states will implement a free sales tax exemption, usually on weekends. And with rising inflation, many parents are looking for the best deals.

Unfortunately, parents in North Dakota will have to do without a free tax holiday.

“I can’t say how it would be for North Dakota, but I can tell you that a lot of our properties are in states that have sales tax exemptions and that’s definitely a spending incentive for consumers. “said Keating.

North Dakota has a fairly low sales tax which is only 5%. According to Rep. Jason Dockter, several steps would need to be taken for North Dakota to have a sales tax free weekend.

“Someone should introduce a bill, draft a bill, and then we should have a hearing and decide if that’s what we’d like to do,” Dockter said.

Bills have been introduced in the Legislative Assembly in the past.

“There were several bills that were introduced before when I started in 2012,” Dockter said. “There were a few bills but they were all defeated.”

Dockter explained that the North Dakota legislature is looking for more permanent solutions.

“As lawmakers feel we have taxes low enough, if we want to do any kind of tax relief, let’s make it permanent,” Dockter said.

In the 2023 session, lawmakers will discuss the impacts of inflation on the state and how to implement permanent tax relief for residents.


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