The city seeks to improve the city center with the increase of the factory


JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – In hopes of adding more spice to downtown Jonesboro, the city is preparing a proposal regarding commercial property taxes.

The new ordinance proposes to collect 2 factories from the downtown business improvement district, which includes properties on Main, Union, Huntington Avenue, etc.

If adopted, the money raised would help support the district each year.

At present, 70% would fund a common space to organize events throughout the year.

Danielle Brantleu is a waitress at Ichiya Ramen, one of the many restaurants on Main Street.

She believes it is crucial to bring more events downtown.

“It would bring a lot more tourists and people who are in Jonesboro,” Brantleu said. “It would bring them a lot more downtown. It would also help our business a bit.

However, she would like these funds to improve security.

“It’s a lot of people downtown, you know, and we could all feel safer, especially nowadays,” she added.

The current proposal has 25 percent of the funds allocated to public safety and security.

Another issue raised in this debate is traffic and parking in the city center.

Something Carol Hall, who frequents downtown, has been through on several occasions.

“There’s never really enough of it,” Hall said. “I can’t really park on the side of the road because it’s too difficult. “

The recovery room gave its seal of approval to the proposal with a letter to the board.

“As owners of several properties in the neighborhood, we see the value that such a levy could have on the continued improvement of the downtown corridor. We know that a healthy and vibrant historic downtown brings great value to the economic growth and quality of life of any city. Jonesboro is fortunate to have a growing downtown area, ”they wrote.

Other improvements to the plan include beautification, health and sanitation.

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