Seol In Ah And Jang Dong Yoon May Start Filming New Drama “Oasis” This Month


Seol In Ah and Jang Dong Yoon may be back to work as their next series is set to start production soon! Here’s what we know so far about KBS’ new drama.

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Seol In Ah And Jang Dong Yoon’s Drama Could Potentially Start Filming

According to a source, the upcoming KBS drama “Oasis” is set to begin production next September and aims to wrap filming in April 2023.

However, these are only tentative dates and are yet to be confirmed by the drama’s production and broadcast company.

On May 26, Seol In Ah confirmed her participation in the project and is set to star in the lead role.

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Although Jang Dong Yoon has yet to confirm his appearance, his agency previously stated that the actor is positively considering the drama offer.

What We Know So Far About K-Drama ‘Oasis’

“Oasis” is a historical series set against the backdrop of Korea from 1980 to 1990, during a turbulent time. It depicts the story of young individuals facing a reality that forces them to abuse power and wealth and manipulate bad social values.

Oh Jung Shin (Seol In Ah), also called Sophia, was born in 1961. From a wealthy family and even her parents own and run a theater house. She decided to move to Seoul to study. During her trip to the big city, she meets Doo Hak and Chul Woong at her new school in Yeosu.

Seol In Ah And Jang Dong Yoon May Start Filming New Drama

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Seol In Ah And Jang Dong Yoon May Start Filming New Drama “Oasis” This Month

She mainly spends her time with Doo Hak since her transfer to the new campus. Unexpectedly, Oh Jung Shin develops special feelings for his classmate and close friend Doo Hak. Therefore, when she learned that he had to leave their hometown, Jung Shin was heartbroken.

For this reason, she decides to reopen the theater house that her parents own to at least occupy herself and forget her first love.

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Jang Dong Youn

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Seol In Ah And Jang Dong Yoon May Start Filming New Drama “Oasis” This Month

After Jang Dong Yoon confirmed his participation, the series marks his on-screen reunion with Seol In Ah after their college drama “School 2017.” Another announcement regarding the upcoming KBS drama has yet to be confirmed.

Seol In Ah launches its latest collaboration with MARHEN.J

Meanwhile, Seol In Ah has just launched her latest collaboration with vegan fashion brand MARHEN.J, in which she is the current celebrity ambassador. The song was released on July 8 and the actress is serenading fans with her delicate vocals. It also came with a music video.

The “Business Proposal” star also started a new chapter in her journey by signing an exclusive contract with her new agency Gold Medalist, which is also the management agency of Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji.

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