Marlboro administrators move forward on summer paving plan


Highlights from the Marlboro Township Trustees meeting on May 28:

Department reports

Tax Agent Tracy Ferrett – The state’s reported auditor’s office has begun requesting documents for the 2020-21 audit.

Fire Department – No one was present from the Marlboro Township Volunteer Fire Co., Inc. and there were no reports.

Chief of Police Ronald Devies – Reported that Sgt. Vance will be on military leave from June 4 to July 1. Additionally, a resignation was pending from one of the cadets who failed the physical tests.

Road foreman Rick Bergert reported:

• Scraped Preston Avenue and Graening Road and hauled 45 tons of rock over them.

• Recommended accepting bids for Road Materials for Summer Road Program, DJL Material & Supply, Inc. for Crack Sealer; Carroll Asphalt & Sales, LLC for chipping and sealing; Tuscoat LLC for Crack Sealer; H. Luli Construction Company for chip and gasket; The Shelly Company for paving; EFCC, LLC for stone; and Shelly Materials for stone. The trustees approved the resolution.

• The tractor/mower was inside, and Administrator John Battershell asked about the hydraulic hose connection problems, and Bergert said he cracked the line to relieve pressure. Battershell suggests doing this or turning the ignition on/off and flipping the switch.

• Trustee Ken Eddleman asked about the spring cleaning bill and Bergert said the township was billed for the disposal of the tires (4.75 tons). It follows David Held, Republic Waste and Liberty Tire. Liberty has no trace of tires from Marlboro Township, so they may have been taken elsewhere by Republic Services. The invoice has been paid except for the tire disposal costs. He will continue to investigate whether the tire passes for free elimination was submitted by David Held.

Zoning Inspector Ed Stanley was not present. Battershell reported receiving an email regarding tall grass and Assistant Zoning Inspector Linda Marx reported sending a letter. He added that one should also be sent to a house with tall grass and trash in the garden.

Trustees’ reports

Eddleman- Reported filing a complaint with zoning regarding tall grass on Marlboro Avenue.

Wayne Schillig – Nothing official to report but reported Buckeye Packaging’s interest in joining community festivities for Memorial Day.

Battery shell – Reported receiving a call regarding the mitigation plan for the Walborn Reservoir, which apparently needs to be updated every five years. Schillig asked if it’s for emergency drainage/flood control, and Battershell said it’s under FEMA and the state Emergency Management Agency. He was also told that if the county had a plan, the township had nothing to do. Ferrett said she would check the township records. Battershell told the caller about a problem with a creek near Osborne Avenue and Allen Drive that goes into Walborn and needs to be cleaned up by Stark Parks. He also asked Ferrett to call Republic Services and Kimble Companies for quotes because the monthly garbage service rate seems too high.

other business

• Trustees paid bills of $42,896.90.


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