Laporta Puts its ‘crowbars’ in the hands of partners: The as…


FC Barcelona has confirmed the holding of an extraordinary assembly for Thursday June 16 from 6:30 p.m. The meeting, scheduled in telematic format, will have the participation of 4,478 compromisarios partners who will decide on the financial future of the club. In this sense, Joan Laporta will present three key points to activate the financial “crowbars” that will make it possible to get out of the current economic crisis and, among other things, fichar in the summer.

The first key point that will put Laporta on the Auditori 1899 table has to do withl the sale of 49.9% of Barça Licensing & Merchandising (BLM). The club has a proposal for Fanatics and Investindustrial, investment funds of the Bonomi family, with a total of 275 million euros. However, the management turned down this offer due to the club not wanting to cede any percentage through sponsor concepts with Nike and Fanatics and Investindustrial insist on including this revenue in the deal.

According to the estimates of the directive, Barça can charge more than 300 ‘kilos’ by the negotiation of BLM, which in 2021-22 left revenues of around 56 million. On the other hand, the directive will seek approval from partners to sale up to 25% of revenue from LaLiga television rights. The club refused the proposal of the CVC fund and all aimed at Laporta having already reached an agreement with the Bank of America the United States.

In this direction, the club could settle for 215 million euros in exchange for 10% of TV rights over the next 25 years, half of what the CVC fund authorized by LaLiga required. This agreement, as a group with the sale of 49.9% of the rights of BLM and 49% of Barça Studios (authorized at the 2021 meeting) would leave the club nearly 700 ‘kilos’ in the box to alleviate the crisis.

The ‘crowbars’ will allow fichar in summer

With this money, the management could modify the negative funds of the club, which currently reach 500 million euros and preventing compliance with financial “fair play”. There he understands the negative salary limit of 144.35 million running. With the accounts in green numbers, Barça could already file to apply the 1-1 rule imposed by La Liga and file the reinforcements that Xavi Hernández demands. However, Laporta will have to close all these ‘crowbars’ by July 31


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