Is TODAY’S WEBTOON on Viki, Netflix, Viu or Disney+ in English? Where to watch and stream the latest episodes for free online


Today’s Webtoon is ready to open the doors of the world of webtoons to K-drama fans.

Today’s Webtoon is an upcoming K-drama series that serves as an adaptation of the hit Japanese drama, Sleeping blow! It explores the life of On Ma Eum (Kim Sejeong), a former judo athlete who is employed in a webtoon editorial department but faces difficulties trying to become a proper webtoon editor.

It also highlights the competitive nature of job offers in South Korea.

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Where to watch K-Drama Today’s Webtoon?

Today’s Webtoon will free the other side of A business proposal actress she has never shown before.

Aside from SBS, where can K-drama fans watch Kim Sejeong’s new series, Today’s Webtoon? Here is the updated list so far!

Does the K-drama Today’s Webtoon on Netflix?

Even the biggest streaming giant can sometimes miss K-dramas. Currently, Netflix does not have Today’s Webtoon on his list of upcoming series.

Does the K-drama Today’s Webtoon on Viu?

Viu is one of the fastest streaming sites to release a K-drama episode with English subtitles as it releases all episodes of the series eight hours after the show originally aired. However, he did not Today’s Webtoon‘ title on its catalog yet.

A site, however, revealed that Viu will add the episodes of the dramas. But the website itself has yet to offer a confirmation.

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East Today’s Webtoon on Viki?

Fans can watch Today’s Webtoon with English subtitles on Viki, as the streaming site would offer it to a number of countries.

For those who want to watch it without ads or interruptions, you can avail the Premium Viki Pass. It is billed at $4.99/month. Subscribers can also pay for it annually for $9.99 for standard access and $49.99 for premium access.

East Today’s Webtoon on Disney+?

Today’s Webtoon, unfortunately, is also not available on Disney Plus. Currently, it offers other K-dramas like Sixth Sense Kiss, Snowdrops, Rookies, and Gate. The upcoming drama of Lee Jong Suk and Yoona, big mouse, will also join the site soon.

East Today’s Webtoon on iQIYI?

Chinese online video platform does not include Today’s Webtoon on his site. It is still unclear if he will stream the drama on the site anytime soon. For now, subscribers can enjoy available K-dramas like Shooting Stars, The Killer’s Shopping List, Ghost Doctor, Melting Me Softly, and Doctors.

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