Highlights of the proposed budget for West U 2022


As the city of West University Place eagerly awaits its vote on the 2022 draft budget on September 27, the city’s finance department held a public hearing on September 20 and highlighted the main differences found in the budget. of this year.

As previously reported, the city is proposing a property tax rate of $ 0.278522 per $ 100 of assessment, which is a 5.3% drop from last year’s budget. The city is also proposing a 3% increase in solid waste tariffs and anticipates an increase in water and sewer tariffs for 2023.

Most of the city’s general fund revenue will come from property taxes, according to the city, accounting for 62.4% of its tax revenue, up from 49.2% of last year’s budget. Although the city is lowering its property tax rate, the city expects more income from property taxes as the city pays less into its debt service fund than in previous years.

“Overall the city will generate additional revenue for its maintenance and operations portion,” said Dave Beach, City Manager for West U, “but the overall tax rate will come down because of the debt.”

Sales taxes represent 6 percent of the city’s revenue. Unlike other municipalities that may have lost sales tax revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, West U has increased sales tax revenue in recent years due to online sales taxes. .

Due to increased participation levels after the onset of COVID-19, it is proposed to increase Parks and Recreation revenues by $ 172,600 over last year’s budget, as well as public works revenues from $ 160,800.

The city is proposing to increase spending to fund more municipal staff and higher part-time salaries. The increase in personnel costs includes funding for city public safety officers to follow Texas’s Selective Traffic Enforcement (STEP) program, which aims to reduce crashes and crash-related injuries through the Texas. The city also announced that it is reorganizing the animal control and parking enforcement officer position.

Beach said during the public hearing that the city previously had an employee for animal control, parking enforcement and code enforcement, but now the city has an employee for animal control and enforcement. of the parking lot while the code enforcement is a stand-alone position.

City proposes to budget $ 658,000 for city vehicle replacement, which includes replacing a street sweeper for $ 260,000 and is budgeting money from its asset replacement fund for lighting in Judson Park.

Once the budget is approved, the city will have approximately $ 21.6 million to legally spend under the direction of city council.

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