General Hospital spoilers from June 20, 2022 to July 1, 2022

0 has the latest, new general hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead, Monday June 20 through Friday July 1. The ABC soap is celebrating its 15,000th episode – and someone is aiming for Laura! Also, Brad isn’t honest with his best friend Britt, an unexpected event leads to a revelation, Olivia confronts Nina and Sasha, and a new Cody connection is revealed, which surprises Sam and Dante…

general hospital spoilers week of June 20:

general hospital Spoilers for Monday June 20:

Esme thinks maybe Kevin can give her some insight. (I wonder how he would feel to know that he was actually offering advice to his psychopathic brother’s daughter?) Meanwhile, Spencer asks for advice as well, but ends up turning to Uncle Victor for help. ugly.

Mac will lose his temper when he finds out what Felicia has done…and for good reason!

Remember when Martin and Laura were targeted by someone while they were away from Port Charles? Cyrus swore he wasn’t responsible, but was he telling the truth? The discussion Laura and Martin are having today may shed more light on the situation…

Lots of people have reason to be concerned about Trina, and they’re comparing notes today.

As Anna and Valentin’s first date continues, it opens up a bit. But what will she think of what he confesses?

general hospital Tuesday, June 21 spoilers:

You know how some primetime shows go out of their way to reach their 100th episode? well today general hospital will broadcast its 15,000th. Appropriately, the episode will focus on the beloved mayor of Port Charles, Laura Collins, as an unknown adversary targets her.

general hospital spoilers for Wednesday June 22:

Control of ELQ could be decided as the board gathers for an important meeting. Meanwhile, Carly tells Olivia – aka her partner at the Metro Court – all about her latest business maneuver.

Is Chase right to worry about what the future holds when it comes to PCPD? On the plus side, at least he talks about his feelings with Brook Lynn.

Britt has been ticking with Brad since he turned her poolside rant into a viral sensation. Will his attempt to make peace be hampered by the fact that he is not completely honest?

Dante and Cody end up discussing the past after Sam’s buddy asks the newbie what happened to him.

general hospital Spoilers for Thursday June 23:

Things could get a little messy — and potentially rowdy — when Olivia goes after Nina and Sasha. Something tells us throwing Willow into the combustible mix probably won’t help matters!

Sonny wants Brando and Dex to put aside their differences and start getting along. Yeah, good luck with that one, boss!

Drew clarifies exactly where he is with Valentine.

Carly has reason to celebrate, and who better to do that than Josslyn and Bobbie?

When Chase finally learns, Brook Lynn is the person he most wants to share with.

general hospital Friday, June 24 spoilers:

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that swimwear isn’t the only revealing thing at the Metro Court pool. This proves true today when something unexpected brings up some information.

Michael is plotting his next move on Sonny…and you’ll never guess who heard it!

Nina and Obrecht discuss their love life.

Anna wants to know more about Valentin’s relationship and his loyalty to his new dad Victor.

As Epiphany prepares for one of the biggest days of her life, TJ is there in her corner.

general hospital spoilers week of June 27:

general hospital Spoilers for Monday June 27:

It turns out Cody is full of surprises. Dante and Sam find out when they discover he has a connection they never suspected.

Spencer hopes Brad can lend a hand. Britt, however, thinks it’s a bad idea all around! Meanwhile, Esme apparently can’t help but want to get the attention of any guy who likes Trina, explaining why she starts flirting with Rory at the pool!

Meanwhile, Trina is surrounded by her support system as she prepares for the start of her trial. Will she finally be able to clear her name?

Ex-lovers Michael and Sasha reconnect.

general hospital Tuesday, June 28 spoilers:

It’s not easy being the face of deception, especially considering all the other stresses Sasha has been under lately. As she prepares for her big TV appearance on behalf of the company, will Felty’s arrival be helpful…or disastrous?

When Chase needs a little advice, his father and brother are there to provide it.

Is the end of Trina’s nightmare finally in sight? It could be, if Spencer is right in what he tells Cameron. Meanwhile, Esme is on high alert after encountering Scott meeting Ava and Nikolas.

Brook Lynn hopes Sonny will come to her rescue.

general hospital spoilers for Wednesday June 29:

Who doesn’t love a good proposal? When Drew approaches Nina with one, will she accept? (And no, Sonny need not worry… it’s a business proposition!) Meanwhile, when Carly crosses paths with Sonny, she does her best to be evasive. Will he understand what she is trying to hide from him?

Spencer and Cameron’s attempt to help Trina gets going…but goes pretty badly! Things don’t quite go as planned when the Deception team arrives for Sasha’s Home & Heart appearance!

Cody is having a great night with Dante and Rocco…until the newcomer spots Spinelli? Now why does it bother him so much?

general hospital Spoilers for Thursday June 30:

In the wake of Sasha’s recent behavior, Brando finds himself making what must be a terribly difficult decision.

Sonny can tell something is wrong…but will she feel able to tell him what it is?

Michael and Willow are having a good time at the Quartermaine stables when they are interrupted by Cody.

Britt is surprised by what she receives when talking to Kevin.

Drew tries to explain things to Carly. But given how often she hears what she wants to hear, it could prove to be a real challenge.

general hospital Spoilers for Friday, July 1:

Finn is pretty sure he’s right, but Chase refuses to co-sign what his big brother says. Meanwhile, Ned is pretty sure he knows exactly what’s pissing off Brook Lynn.

Alexis wants to know why Gregory didn’t take up the challenge she gave him. (Frankly, we’re pretty sure we know why: the show’s increasingly problematic pacing!)

Anna and Valentin finally seem to be moving forward in their romance, but Laura is a bit concerned about her friend’s relationship. A reason? Victor’s influence on his son. And guess what? Even though Laura expresses her concern, we’ll give you an idea of ​​who Valentin meets in the park!

Elizabeth may be taken aback when she sees who Kevin has brought to visit. Meanwhile, her performer, Rebecca Herbst, took to Twitter to address some rumors about her status with the soap opera.

Who general hospital couples reunite, and which ones fall apart – and which ones are about to?!? Find out in our new photo gallery dedicated to Port Charles duos.

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