Dufferin Meeting Notes – Walker, Temporary Ranger


The public present at the meeting was invited to observe the debates either in the chamber or on Zoom. The meeting would be CAO Rodney Audette’s last meeting with the RM as he took over as the City of White City’s General Manager effective September 7th. Administrative assistant Tatiana Walker was also present. During the meeting, the board appointed Walker as interim director.

The meeting began with a closed session. The agenda did not indicate the reason for the closed session, which lasted 40 minutes.

The Board accepted the July statement of financial activity and bank reconciliation and approved the list of accounts. Council approved payment of an invoice totaling over $ 61,000 to Thul Contracting for the completed road construction work in the RM.

Several questions were postponed until the next meeting. A rental refund request for the boat holds at Highwood Beach, the Dorry Street boathouse nuisance issue, the discussion around the resort village of North Grove / Daniel Drive and a speed sign request for the development near Disley.

The CEO made a verbal report from the director to the board, which the board accepted.

There was a discussion about trucks that do not follow heavy haul routes. The prefect noted that he had stopped several heavy transport trucks crossing the valley, not on the designated transport routes, redirected them and told the companies that owned the trucks that the council would not tolerate him.

Traffic meters have been placed around the RM to determine what the RM’s road agreements should be. The RM requested a subsidy for the purchase of additional meters.

The new regulation on planning and development costs passed all three readings unanimously, putting into effect the new costs for development applications. The previous fee was $ 25 overall.

A by-law amending the zoning by-law was tabled and read the first time. The amendment would allow the subdivision of plots allowing the sale of smaller plots by rail.

Council brought forward a motion to request funding to replace the timber bridge in the RM. The bridge was closed for safety reasons. The funding sought by the RM would come from the Rural Integrated Roads for Growth program, which is distributed by SARM. Previous requests for funding under the program have been unsuccessful.

Council changed the schedule for the Municipal Economic Development Program project. Council changed the timeline to extend the deadline for completion of the Findlater Grid upgrade and 739 Grid clay sheeting.

Council accepted a bid for the installation of CCTV and entrance alarms at a cost of $ 4,365.51.

Council approved tax application listing advertising with properties for which 50% or less of delinquencies would be exempt from advertising.

Following the acceptance of the correspondence, the meeting is closed. The next council meeting will be on September 8 at 8 a.m. The public can come to the municipal office or to Zoom.


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