Digital lock company offers $5,000 reward to anyone who hands over ex-employee who ‘took $100,000 from customers’ to police


A local digital lock company has taken its Facebook account public, alleging that one of its former employees stole at least $100,000 from customers.

My Digital Lock Pte Ltd, which is based at Northpoint Bizhub, accused a former sales associate named Travis Ow, who had worked at the company’s Bukit Batok showroom, of running away with the money.

In a 9.5-minute video also posted on his FB page, My Digital Lock manager Ronn Teo spoke about what he called misdeeds by his former employee. The company discovered this, he said, when a number of customers said they had placed orders but had not received invoices from the company. Some said they had tried to contact Mr. Ow, but could not reach him.

Mr. Ow has since been fired and a police report has been filed, the company announced on its Facebook account on March 29.

According to the company’s message, he would ask customers to make payments to his own account, not the company’s. It was also said to ‘have a new number showing My Digital Lock Pte Ltd attached to his second mobile number,’ the FB post added.

Photos of Mr Ow, the former employee, were also posted on the company’s FB page.

The company warned customers not to give money to Mr Ow because the former member of staff allegedly took customers’ “cash deposit, full payment and balance”.

My Digital Lock alleged in its March 29 article that Mr. Ow issued false invoices with incorrect customer information and offered special discounts to customers who made purchases outside of the company’s showroom.

My Digital Lock advised people not to send money to Mr. Ow through PayNow:

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“Everything he promises you will not come true because many customers are looking for him,” the company added in its post. “Hari raya is coming, our company would like to help all victims to complete your plans.”

Mr Teo promised in the video he uploaded that the company would fulfill customer orders filed under Mr Ow, but asked customers to file a police report. It also asks customers to contact the company to have their invoices authenticated.

Mr Ow has not returned the laptop and company-issued invoices since February 6, and a number of customers “are still in the dark”, My Digital Lock said in its post.

In a new Facebook post on March 31 (Thursday), My Digital Lock asked for help in locating Mr Ow, with a cash reward of $5,000 as an incentive.

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“We need your help to find him if you find him at the Woodlands checkpoint or any other checkpoint heading to Indonesia or Malaysia on April 1.

“All you need to do is figure out if he’s Travis and turn him over to the police,” the company said in its March 31 post on FB, adding that if the former sales associate runs away in Malaysia, “it is impossible for us to follow him”. down.”

A separate $500 cash reward is also being offered for information about Mr Ow’s wife or girlfriend, who he says gave birth last September.

“But no one saw his wife or his girlfriend or the child. We have to check if this story is true because he took a lot of time off and (time) saying he had to take care of the family” , wrote My Digital Lock, adding that Mr. Ow’s former associates also want to know if the story is true.


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