Arch Manning’s NIL Market is going to be crazy


Last week, Arch Manning announced his commitment to the University of Texas as recruiting for college football’s biggest name who hasn’t played a wink ended. It was a bit of a surprise but a huge blow for the Longhorns. Starting next fall, Manning will begin his journey to follow in the family footsteps and become one of the best quarterbacks in college football before entering the NFL Draft.

But it’s a moment on the road. For now, Manning is a college player, and it’s a hell of a good time to be a top NCAA athlete with burgeoning NIL contracts. After Manning’s commitment, the next discussion is how much he’s going to be paid for endorsement deals. ‘Cause it’s gonna be a big Number.

Manning obviously comes from a wealthy family (to say the least) and doesn’t necessarily need NIL money, but the Mannings are all smart businessmen and he will enjoy the fame from his family. Manning is the best rookie Texas has landed in years. Its endorsement will be worth quite a bit of money, whether it comes from a national brand or a more local establishment.

According to On3, a website dedicated to analyzing the NIL potential of college athletes, Arch Manning has an estimated NIL valuation of $3.1 million. The evaluation takes into account sports performance and social monitoring as well as other endorsements. Since Manning has no mention, that $3.1 million figure is based on projecting Manning’s quality on the court and his reach, regardless of performance. Given that Manning has 58,500 Twitter followers despite just one tweet (his commitment to Texas), that valuation may actually increase over the next few months.

Whatever he ends up doing will be for a lot of money. Signing Manning to an endorsement deal essentially means having the entire Manning family’s endorsement in the eyes of consumers. This means Arch will be very, very picky about what he chooses, but it also means he has a pot of gold waiting at the end of that particular rainbow.

This Manning is going to operate on a different level of NIL silver than anyone else. He is one of hundreds of five-star recruits. He’s a quarterback, there are a lot of them. And he is part of a famous football family, which is not unique in itself. But he’s the only guy in college football who ticks all three boxes. And the NIL market will probably never get hotter than it is now.

A windfall is coming for Arch Manning. The fun part is figuring out who’s going to pony up the dough to get their approval.


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