Ambulance district confirms payment of sales tax


The Nodaway County Ambulance District met for its monthly meeting on June 8th. The sales tax payment for the month was confirmed at $125,665.72, an increase of nearly one percent over the prior year and a nine percent increase over 2020.

Rescue teams from Burlington Jct., Ravenwood, Maryville and Hopkins had no news to report. The Tri-C Rescue Squad would like to purchase a Sawzall for around $200. The decision has been filed.

The bills to be paid were presented and the reasons why they were so high were discussed. The board unanimously agreed to pay the bills.

Report from the Operations Manager was delivered, along with presentation of sales tax payment, advising the Board that Darin Lane Huitt has been released from his probation, the new Tri-C Rescue Truck has arrived and is expected to enter service in July. The possibility of paid leave is a possible option in place of vacation and sick leave. Council will discuss with legal counsel. It was noted that two new full-time paramedics have been hired.

There was a discussion about postponing vacations versus paying. This was approved by the board as long as the vacation time is used before the end of December 2022. A hardship request was discussed during the closed session. A request has been made to order another pallet of 911 signs for use in the county. The board unanimously agreed to purchase more 911 panels.

The Board of Directors has unanimously agreed that Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts can be sold and worn again this year. Last year, $2,434 was raised and donated to the St. Francis Foundation.

The Medicaid/Medicare adjustment of $9,962.88 was unanimously approved. It was also approved that invoices be sent for recoveries of $14,753.11.

The board voted unanimously to award a longevity payout of $320 and a performance bonus of $550 to Dan Noland. They approved a 14¢ merit increase and a $400 performance bonus to Timaley Rich. The board also approved a longevity payout of $820 and a performance bonus of $425 to Bill Florea.


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